Two words that don’t go together.

The challenge: maintain suburban single family land use patterns, General Plan circulation, public works road widths and conservation easements, while providing homes that are affordable within one of the most expensive areas of the country for housing.

The solution: provide 3 different detached housing options: small scale small lot single family homes, a rentable accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on every lot, and clusters of cottages surrounding open green courtyards.

Although still single land use (suburban single family housing) bisected by a required collector road, the project is walkable by its density and all houses have direct walking access to green spaces. By doing so, communities are formed at different scales, from individual clusters, to blocks, to the neighborhood, all connected to the surrounding environment. With 3 different house types, families, couples and singles all have access to ownership as well as rental housing options within a single family neighborhood.

We are hoping with these newer housing types, more affordable home options can be made available and still fit within the single family mindset we all grew up with.

July 11, 2017

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