We are an architecture, community planning, and consulting firm established in 1988 in Ventura County, California.  We are a dedicated team of professionals.

Our experience ranges from small individual buildings to master planned communities.  We have worked from the design side, the developer side, the construction side, and the jurisdictional side.

We bring a unique skillset to a project.  

We provide opportunity for creative solutions.

We are option explorers and resolution finders.

Responsive as a small firmyet capable of handling large, complex projects.  We seek out individuals and organizations that can take advantage of our abilities.  We see our relationship with you as a partnership to meet your unique needs.

What can we do for you?


I would like to refer you to a client of mine in Sherwood who is contemplating purchasing another house, and renovating it before moving in (also behind the gates).
With all we know about L.S. and the personality of working there would you be interested in meeting with them when (if) they pull the trigger?
Thank you!
cell: 818-632-5655

Hi Robb,

Yes we’d be interested.
Could be a good chance to collaborate with you.
We’ll call and get the particulars.
Thanks very much!

Good Morning Mr. DiCecco,

I am with the structural engineering firm RGSE, Inc. in Simi Valley. We have several projects coming up especially with the new LA ordinance for existing buildings that may require Architectural services. When you have time, it would be great if we could meet for coffee and talk about potential collaborations since you are just on the other side of the freeway. Thank you for your time.

Hi Eric,
We are always interested in meeting talented people to collaborate with.
Give us a call and set something up.