Among other things, we design merchant-built housing. We look at this as an opportunity for the average person to live in an architect-designed home that fits their lifestyle and they can afford. From the Builder’s side, the emphasis is on efficiency and providing housing to meet the demand. One of our Merchant Builder Clients also has a luxury homes division. In this case, they provide a home for the homebuyer that can afford a custom home, but may not want to take the time and effort to go through the lot selection, design and construction process. Although larger and containing more amenities to meet the desires of the homeowners, the sensitivity to the demands of construction production remain the same.

Two of these homes are now under construction in Las Vegas. We took a quick trip today to look at them in the framing stages.

21411_pd2.1_pers street

IMG_114821505_pd1_pers street1IMG_1149

March 9, 2016

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