A few years ago, we completed FreeHAB, a long-term 70 bed rehabilitation facility for young women ages 13 to 18 rescued from addiction and sex trafficking.  As the name indicates, FreeHAB offers its residents opportunities for education, life skills coaching, continued counseling, job training and placement free of cost.

Now, FreeHAB has partnered with the County of Los Angeles to operate a Crisis Residential Treatment Facility in the former grocery store space next door.  The center will offer immediate medical and mental health treatment to homeless, troubled young women brought in off the streets and from local emergency rooms.  We are grateful for the opportunity to work with FreeHAB again and design a clinic space that allows the women who receive treatment at the CRTF to transfer directly to FreeHAB to continue their rehabilitation and path to success.

The CRTF is under construction now and scheduled to open in late January.  We are proud of our continued relationship with FreeHAB and excited to bring this vital service to its much needed Sun Valley location.

December 21, 2018

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