We were pleased to unveil a new project in our home town at its very location, Moorpark’s Historic High Street, at the Moorpark Country Days celebration on October 6, 2018. 

This community-oriented development, designed for developer Daly Group, aims to create a downtown that is both centered around locals and an inviting destination, restoring the heart of Moorpark to High Street. With input from city leaders, business owners and the community, our goal is to distill the dreams and desires of our community into a project that meets the needs of Moorpark today while respecting the historic nature of High Street.

High Street Depot will give the community a comfortable place to nourish, shop, work, and nest. With retail space, live-work business incubator space, and places to grab a bite and/or beverage, Moorpark residents and visitors will have a spot to refresh and enjoy. Housing above the commercial space along the development will provide walkability to shops as well as the Metrolink train station.  A public Central Green will act as the community’s front porch, allowing for gatherings and event space under the landmark pepper trees for activities like outdoor movie showings, food festivals, and more.  Each one of these features will maintain building designs that honor the character of High Street.

The design’s main focus is bringing the community together – from the public influence of the design, to the availability of shops, housing, and eateries. High Street Depot is not just for the community, but designed with the community and its needs in mind. We see High Street Depot  not only completing a missing side to the street, but also promoting redevelopment of the rest of High Street and becoming a catalyst for a revitalized, vibrant downtown. We are very proud to create this project for our home town. Stay tuned for updates as this exciting project progresses!

November 7, 2018

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